update 22 march 11

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME (Subject to change)

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Pre-congress Medicolegal Workshop

Medicolegal Workshop

Keynote Address

The Blue Print of Medical Care in Malaysia

Plenary Lectures (P1 to P3)

  1. Pitfalls in GP Practice
  2. TCM Act – The Principles & Relevance
  3. Dementia: All You Need to Know

Lunch Symposia (1 to 3)

  1. All Eyes on ACCORD-Eye
  2. A New Breakthrough in Oral Anticoagulation
  3. Management of Hypertension With Dual Combination Therapy And Beyond

  • Symposia (S1 to S14)
    1. Allergic Skin Diseases
      1. Atopic Dermatitis — Management
      2. Cutaneous Drug Eruption
      3. Contact Dermatitis
    2. Medicolegal Case Senario in Primary Practice
    3. Buying an Indemnity Plan — Pearls & Pitfalls
    4. TCM in General Practice
      1. Evidence in TCM/Herbal Medicine
      2. Side Effects of Commonly Consumed Herbs
      3. The Rise of TCM — What every GP Must Prepare For
    5. The One-stop DM Clinic
      1. Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents
      2. Insulin Therapy
    6. Bring Your Own Case
    7. Safety in Nursing
      1. Current Status & Issues
      2. Monitoring & Controlling of Standards in Nursing
      3. I Know But I Don't Do
    8. The One-stop Warfarin Clinic
      1. Indication for Warfarin
      2. How to Warfarin
    9. O&G
      1. Evidence Based Antenatal Care
      2. Management of Female Urinary Incontinence
    10. Aesthetic Medicine
      1. Aesthetic Medicine — An Overview
      2. Current Perspectives And Recent Advances in Aesthetic Medicine
    11. Sleep Apnoea — The New Frontier for GPs
    12. Health Screening: Screening for CVD — Evidence
    13. Influenza
      1. Local Impact of Influenza
      2. Efficacy of Flu Vaccine
    14. Health Screening: Screening for Malignancy — Evidence

    Workshops (W1 to W3)

    1. Emergency Medicine & CPR
    2. Wound Care
    3. The One-Stop DM Clinic
    4. Alzheimer's Disease
      1. Assessment & Initiate Treatment
      2. Managing Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
      3. Non-pharmacological Intervention


    There is No Future in Primary Care



  • President:
    Dr Prasad CVN Swamy

    Dr Tin Siek Ho
    @ Ting Sea Leong

    Immediate Past President:
    Dato' Dr Sarjeet Singh Sidhu

    Hon. Secretary:
    Dr Yek Sing Chee

    Hon. Treasurer:
    Dr Liew San Foi

    Committee Members:
    Dato' Dr Sharil Cik Mat
    Dato' Dr Sushil Kumar Ratti
    Dr Phang Chong Hoe
    Dr Harbaksh Singh
       a/l Mehar Singh
    Dr Ruslan Razak
    Dr Kamalanathan A G Raju
    Dr Rajeswaran Paramjothy

    Hon. Auditors:
    Dr Yee Meng Kheong
    Dr Lai Thian Seong